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Ruddr consistently ranks at the top of the list for Quality of Support. Every plan includes full support.
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Multiple support options

We provide multiple avenues for engaging our support team. If we can't solve your issue immediately, we'll schedule a Zoom call and leverage screen sharing.

Real-time chat support

Simply click the "Need Help?" icon at the bottom-left of the Ruddr screen and chat with one of our support agents in real-time.

Ticket-based support

Have a lower-priority issue that doesn't require real-time chat? Simply create a support ticket and our support team will be in touch with a resolution.

Email support

Prefer to just fire off a quick email? Just email our support team at Our system will automatically create a support issue for you and route it to our support team.

Ruddr Onboarding Services

Need to be up and running quickly? With our Basic and Advanced onboarding options, you can go live on Ruddr within a few weeks. Our onboarding services include workspace configuration, integration setup, data migration, and training.
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