Project Health Tracking

Track the vital signs of every project

When managing a professional services organization, it is important to spot troubled projects as early as possible. Ruddr's project health tracking surfaces key information about budget, schedule, and satisfaction.
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Key benefits of project health tracking

The long-term success of a professional services organization is determined by its ability to consistently delight customers through profitable engagements.

Drive strong financial results

Hit financial targets by ensuring the successful delivery of each project.

Create durable client relationships

It is easier sell to an existing happy client than to find and win a new prospect.

Minimize voluntary attrition

Strong retention of high-caliber team members is imperative for success.

Health Report

Capture project health ratings and commentary

Project managers can regularly create project health reports which include scoring of budget, schedule, client satisfaction, and team satisfaction.

  • Budget and schedule health
  • Client and team satisfaction
  • Detailed commentary
Health Report
Health Metrics
Health Metrics

Evaluate point-in-time metrics with each report

Ruddr will automatically stamp each project health report with the actual and budget metrics at that point in time. This project health history is highly useful in project post-mortem sessions.

  • Budget and actual hours
  • Budget and actual revenue
  • Budget and actual profit

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