Sales Pipeline

Track every deal from quote to cash

In many professional services organizations, the sales and delivery teams are not in sync. Ruddr improves this by providing comprehensive visibility into every potential engagement in the sales funnel.
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Key benefits of the sales pipeline

The world's best professional services organizations are proactively planning each new engagement weeks before the contract is signed.

Accelerate deal closure

Enable sales and delivery leaders to focus on the highest-impact opportunities.

Inform your recruiting efforts

Ensure that the right candidates are identified and hired before the start of every project.

Maximize billable utilization

Proactively allocate resources to tentative projects for optimal delivery productivity.

Opportunity Management

Capture every sales opportunity and activity

Create prospective companies, opportunities, and contacts. Track granular detail including every interaction throughout the deal pursuit.

  • Associate companies to clients
  • Associate opportunities to tentative projects
  • Maintain full activity history
Opportunity Management
Metrics & Reporting
Metrics & Reporting

Monitor the vital sales pipeline metrics

A properly maintained sales pipeline can help predict the future demand on your resource supply. Ruddr surfaces important pipeline metrics that enable effective business decisions.

  • Gross pipeline value
  • Weighted pipeline value
  • Average deal size
CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM for maximum functionality

Most professional services organization of scale leverage a full-featured CRM platform. Easily connect your preferred CRM to Ruddr's pipeline module.

  • Salesforce integration
  • HubSpot integration
  • Custom API integrations
CRM Integration

Ruddr Onboarding Services

Need to be up and running quickly? With our Basic and Advanced onboarding options, you can go live on Ruddr within a few weeks. Our onboarding services include workspace configuration, integration setup, data migration, and training.
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