Resource Management

Balance supply and demand with precision

Without a firm handle on resource management, you're flying blind and scaling is treacherous. Ruddr helps you allocate work to appropriate team members to optimize billable utilization and quality of work.
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Key benefits of resource management

The difference between good performance and great performance in professional services is the ability to properly manage resource allocation.

Consistently hit utilization targets

Set targets for each workspace member and Ruddr will aggregate overall goals.

Deliver the financial plan

Strong utilization correlates to top and bottom line performance.

Drive team and client satisfaction

Ensure that team members are aligned with work that fits their skills.


Allocate resources with flexibility and ease

Easily allocate work to team members or resource placeholders. Allocate by day, week, or month to view planned billable utilization and target attainment.

  • Click and drag interface
  • Allocate client work and internal work
  • Split and clone allocations

Predict the financial outcome of every project

As resource allocations are created, Ruddr shows a real-time forecast of the project's hours, revenue, cost, gross profit, and gross margin.

  • Performance-to-date analysis
  • Actual-to-budget comparison
  • Projected outcome for core KPIs

Analyze forecast and variance reports

Predict the future of the business with forecast reports and evaluate how well the team is hitting plan with variance reports.

  • Hours and utilization forecasting
  • Revenue and performance forecasting
  • Variance-to-plan analysis

Ruddr Onboarding Services

Need to be up and running quickly? With our Basic and Advanced onboarding options, you can go live on Ruddr within a few weeks. Our onboarding services include workspace configuration, integration setup, data migration, and training.
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