Compass helps your professional services team navigate toward better performance.

Growing a successful professional services practice isn’t easy. This is largely due to the variability of engagements, clients, and employees found in most firms. But, once you understand some key concepts and management techniques, the journey becomes far less daunting. Compass is a free resource that was created to help you improve the performance of your professional services operation. If you have thoughts about how we could improve Compass, just shoot us an email to

The typical financial goals of services firms, and most other companies for that matter, are to grow revenue and improve profit margin. Most professional services firms accomplish these goals sporadically, but only the best do so consistently. Why? The underperformers tend to wander from project to project with limited controls and processes in place while the leading firms meticulously leverage best practices and a robust suite of tools.

Compass will guide your professional services journey and help replace the periodic chaos in your business with more predictable performance. Compass starts with the fundamentals and then covers the five key components of running a professional services organization: sales, client satisfaction, employee satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency.


The Fundamentals

Let’s start at the beginning. For those who are new to professional services, this introductory section will help you understand the basics. For those who have been doing this for a while, you might want to skip ahead to our five main sections and pick any topic of interest.


Nothing happens without a sale. If you have the most talented consultants in the world but you don’t drive consistent sales volume, you’ll experience undue stress. In this section of Compass, we will cover:

Client Satisfaction

Services firms with consistently dissatisfied clients eventually go out of business. As a company leader, one of your primary jobs is to ensure that clients are happy with the services and deliverables they receive. In this section of Compass, we will cover:

Employee Satisfaction

Unhappy employees exact a heavy toll on a professional services business. Plus, who wants to spend hours every day in a place where people are miserable? Since services businesses are people-centric, it is especially important that your team is happy. In this section of Compass, we will cover:


Since professional services firms generate revenue directly from the output of their employees, high workforce productivity is critical. In this section of Compass, we will cover:


Optimal profitability is only possible through optimal efficiency. Professional services firms must be obsessively efficient. In this section of Compass, we will cover:
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