Fair Pricing Policy

We believe in candor and fairness, not pricing gimmicks.


We want you to realize maximum value from your relationship with Ruddr. One of the ways we do that is through our Fair Pricing Policy (FPP). The Ruddr FPP is comprised of the following principles:
Our pricing is transparent and published
You don't have to "Contact Sales" or fill out a form to learn about our pricing. It is published and you can review it here.
You always get a 30-day free trial
We want you to be certain that Ruddr is the right platform for your team. We offer a free trial that does not require you to provide a credit card. You can create a trial at any time and don't have to sign an NDA or talk to someone in sales. You are free to just kick the tires.
You only pay for your billable personnel
We align our revenue model with yours. You only pay for your billable workspace members and the only limitation on your non-billable members is that they cannot record time or expenses to billable projects.
You are credited for deactivated workspace members
We don't think it is fair for you to pay for services that you aren't using. So, if you deactivate a workspace member, Ruddr will credit your account for the remaining unused fees related to that member. This is ideal for companies that leverage contractors.
You are charged a prorated amount for new workspace members
Any time you add a workspace member, you will only pay a prorated amount through the end the current billing term.
Your pricing is locked in
Selecting a professional services automation platform is a big decision and you deserve price certainty. At Ruddr, we guarantee that your pricing will not change within the first 24 months of becoming a customer. After that, pricing will never increase more than once in any 24-month period and will increase by no more than 10% per period.

Fair is fair.