Open API

Connect your key business systems

Modern business applications require robust interconnectivity. Leverage the Ruddr API to create, query, and interact with important operational data.
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Key benefits of the Open API

Drive measurable business value through enhanced data visibility and connectivity. Eliminate data silos and inconsistencies.

Leverage common master data

Use a consistent set of master reference data across applications.

Execute data-driven decision making

Import Ruddr data into your data warehouse for enhanced analysis and insights.

Combine workflows across systems

Connect multiple business systems and cascade actions as needed.

REST Architecture

Connect to Ruddr via standard REST methods

REST is a software architecture that was created to promote stateless and reliable web-based applications. Ruddr's API enables interaction through RESTful web services.

  • Operations including GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE.
  • Access all primary Ruddr data entities
REST Architecture

Leverage built-in or custom integrations

Ruddr offers a number of pre-built integrations with popular third-party tools. If we don't currently have the integration you need, you can build your own with the Ruddr API.

Ruddr Onboarding Services

Need to be up and running quickly? With our Basic and Advanced onboarding options, you can go live on Ruddr within a few weeks. Our onboarding services include workspace configuration, integration setup, data migration, and training.
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