Time Tracking

Capture every billable hour with ease

Legacy time tracking systems are inefficient and they drain productivity and morale. With Ruddr, your team can effortlessly track time via our web app, MacOS app, Slack integration, or mobile apps.
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Key benefits of time tracking

Disciplined time and utilization management leads to optimal financial performance.

Eliminate lost revenue

Automatically notify workspace members when they haven't entered enough time.

Hit billable utilization targets

Show each member's billable utilization target attainment on their Personal Dashboard.

Reduce billing mistakes

Configure custom approval workflow for project time entries.

Ease of Use

Track time via a simple and powerful user experience

Ruddr offers four time tracking views including a day, week, month, and list view. Track time in the manner that best aligns with the type of work you deliver.

  • Track both time off and project time
  • Use timers for precise time tracking
  • Track time to roles and tasks
Ease of Use
Budget Tracking
Budget Tracking

Deliver projects on-time and on-budget

As time is tracked to project tasks, Ruddr shows real-time budget performance. Overruns are reduced through consistent budget communication.

  • Top-down and bottom-up budgeting
  • Budget by member, role, or task
  • Cap time to the available budget
Approval Workflow

Ensure that every time entry is properly approved

Configure multistep approval workflows for each project and optionally send time and expenses to clients for approval before invoicing.

  • Automatic or manual approval option per project
  • Role-based and named approvers
  • Internal and client approval
Approval Workflow

Ruddr Onboarding Services

Need to be up and running quickly? With our Basic and Advanced onboarding options, you can go live on Ruddr within a few weeks. Our onboarding services include workspace configuration, integration setup, data migration, and training.
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