This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") is applicable during the term of a Pro plan subscription. It sets forth the performance levels that Ruddr will meet for included services. Capitalized terms used but not defined in this SLA shall have the meanings set out in the Master Subscription Agreement (the "MSA") or Your Service Order(s).
1. Defined Terms
For purposes of this SLA, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
"Scheduled Maintenance" means any maintenance of the Service or infrastructure that is planned and communicated to You no less than 48 hours before the maintenance is performed.
"Service" means the Ruddr public website, Ruddr web application, Ruddr native applications, and Ruddr API. The Service does not include integrations or third-party applications or services.
"Service Credit" means a percentage of Your Subscription Charges to be credited to You if Ruddr fails to meet a Service Level, as set forth in this SLA.
"Service Downtime" means a period of time during which the Service is unavailable due to factors attributable to Ruddr’s server infrastructure, network infrastructure, or software applications. Service Downtime does not include Scheduled Maintenance.
"Service Level" means the Service performance standards set forth in this SLA.
2. Your Obligations
Your responsibilities and obligations in support of this SLA include the following:
(a) Paying Your Subscription Charges in compliance with the MSA and Your Service Order(s).
(b) Notifying Ruddr within thirty (30) days of a Service Downtime event to request a Service Credit.
3. Service Levels and Service Credits
(a) The following list sets forth the monthly uptime of the Services and the associated Service Credit.
  • >= 99.5% Monthly Uptime Percentage: No Service Credit
  • >= 98.5% to 99.5% Monthly Uptime Percentage: Service Credit equivalent to 10% of that month’s fees
  • >= 95% to 98.5% Monthly Uptime Percentage: Service Credit equivalent to 25% of that month’s fees
  • >= 90% to 95% Monthly Uptime Percentage: Service Credit equivalent to 50% of that month’s fees
  • < 90% Monthly Uptime Percentage: Service Credit equivalent to 100% of that month’s fees
(b) All Service Credits for Service Downtime confirmed by Ruddr will be applied to Your next invoice following the month in which You report the Service Downtime to Ruddr.
(c) The Service Credits set forth in this SLA will be Your sole and exclusive remedy in connection with Ruddr’s failure to meet Service Levels.
4. Excluded Events
This SLA does not cover Service Downtime caused by the following:
(a) A Force Majeure Event.
(b) Your negligence or willful misconduct.
(c) Your failure to use the Services in compliance with the documentation found within the Ruddr Help Center (
(d) Service Downtime caused, in whole or in part, by Your hardware, software, network infrastructure or Non-Ruddr Services.
Last updated: March 20, 2024