Dashboards & KPIs

Evaluate vital metrics in an instant

Nobody wants to sift through a bunch of reports in order to piece together conclusions. With Ruddr's dashboards and KPIs, actionable insights are at your fingertips.
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Key benefits of dashboards and KPIs

In today's fast-paced business world, decisions need to be made quickly. Those decisions must be based on accessible and accurate data.

Drive individual performance

Enable members to stay on top of time entry, task budgets, and utilization targets.

Drive project performance

Provide project managers with important project health metrics and projections.

Drive organizational performance

Allow leaders to quickly grasp the current and future health of the overall operation.

Personal Dashboard

Track billable utilization and target attainment

On the Personal Dashboard, Ruddr provides four distinct utilization metrics. Each workspace member can quickly evaluate how they are doing against their personal utilization target.

  • Track multiple utilization types
  • Real-time target attainment
  • Forecast based on allocations
Personal Dashboard
Project Dashboard
Project Dashboard

Visualize the predicted project metrics

The Project Dashboard provides the actual-to-date and predicted future performance of nine critical project metrics.

  • Services revenue and total revenue
  • Services cost and total cost
  • Gross profit and gross margin
Project KPIs

Evaluate real-time key performance indicators

The Project KPIs allow project managers to quickly see how the project's most important metrics are tracking relative to budget.

  • Effective bill rate
  • Realization rate
  • Revenue and margin
Project KPIs

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